Everything You Need to Know About Drinking Coffee, in a Single Graphic

Posted by Mike Lambert on Feb 16, 2017 11:52:51 AM

Interesting article on drinking coffee. I especially like the drinking a cup of coffee and taking a nap suggestion! Click HERE to find out about our FREE COFFEE Program!

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Copiers In Schools Need To Do More Than Print!

Posted by Mike Lambert on Dec 16, 2016 9:19:52 AM

It used to be that copiers in schools served one purpose and that was to reproduce prints from a hardcopy document! The digital world has pretty much turned that on its head. Copiers are now digital workstations that can be customized to meet the needs/requirements of its users. As a Solution Provider for Xerox it became very apparent how much the landscape has changed when we were invited to bid on a copier refresh for the Goffstown School District in Goffstown, NH. Approximately 60% of the bid requirements were standard feature/functions for copying/printing/collating. The other 40% was focused on it being able to mobile print; scan to email or to file; secure print, and simplicity of use. Xerox with its workhorse MFP's and cutting edge technology of user friendly applications, helped us in beating the competition, and winning the bid. The Goffstown SAU, was so impressed with the whole experience, that they let us produce a video about it! Go to and let me know what you think?

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Friend Or Foe?

Are Your Devices Overly Complicated? 

Technology is a wonderful thing, until it get's frustratingly complicated to use! Complicated should be left at the developers door, not in the users lap! At Reliable Technologies, Inc. we strive to offer:

  • Simple solutions to complicated problems!
  • The best return on your investment $$!
  •  Brand name support at a local level!


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